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Hour of Innovation: Material Science Lesson Plans and Guest Presentation from Steelcase

In this Hour of Innovation session, we will review Inventionland Institute created lesson plans focusing on material science! Our first lesson plan gets students hands-on while they learn about different types and uses of plastics. Our second lesson plan will get students thinking critically about materials. Participants will receive these lesson plans in an email after the event.
Marisa Sergnese, M Ed
Photo of Marisa Sergnese, M.eD Principal Consultant with the Education Consulting Group at Steelcase Education

In the second half of the hour, we will be joined by our guest speaker from Steelcase, Marisa Sergnese M Ed.

Currently a Principal Consultant with the Education  Consulting Group at Steelcase Education, Marisa is a learning strategist. Her focus is on designing engaging, inclusive learning sprints to support educators’ attention to the use of physical space to enhance opportunities for meaningful, authentic student learning experiences.  She is instrumental in networking educators both nationally and internationally to advance growth mindset, skill development, and research projects.


Steelcase Session Overview

School districts have begun to plan for the fall and look to create a path forward in uncertain times.

As you are actively engaged in triage activities responding to immediate needs to provide accessible and purposeful online learning experiences, how effective has your process been with regard to safety, technology, and communication?

Have you begun to draft possible scenarios tailored to the challenges and outcomes reflective of your community in response to both pedagogical and ongoing wellbeing initiatives?

How will you approach drafting and implementing innovative and dynamic school prototypes that build greater resiliency?

Wherever you are in this changing landscape of “schooling”, let’s pivot together with a snapshot of what a strategic sprint to support the difficult choices being made to balance both human and institutional needs could be

This event is designed for educators and school administrators. 



May 26, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am