Download Your Definitive Guide to ESSER Funding to Fuel K12 Learning

The CARES Act, CRRSA Act, and ACT Act provide vital funding support to districts and schools. This can be used to bring in curriculum, Professional Learning and Innovation Labs® to your students. Inventionland Education can help you put your plan into action.
Free ESSER Guide

Download Your Free 2022 ESSER Funding Guide


Written by Dr. Clayton Wilcox, former Superintendent at several top-tier school districts across the U.S.

  • Introduction to Funding Sources
  • Understanding ESSER Funding
  • Who Gets What from the ESSER Fund
  • How Students Benefit from ESSER Funding
  • How ESSER Funds are Distributed
  • Private School Eligibility
  • What ESSER Funds Can Be Used For
  • Using CARES Act and ESSER Funding for Technology
  • Extending Funding for STEAM-aligned Courseware
  • Additional Resources and More

About Inventionland Education

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Innovation Curriculum & Courseware

Innovation Curriculum & Courseware

Powered by our 30-year history helping corporations turn ideas into actual products, our student-directed curriculum follows a proven 9-step method that takes student ideas from concept to working model to the business pitch.

Teachers do not need to have previous experience in ideation to use this course. It’s designed for the novice or expert alike. All that’s needed is an inquiring mind, observation, and an ability to think about making on a personal level.

Our courses are designed for cross-discipline, interactive learning to inspire and build confidence in students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. They are aligned to state and national standards and are highly flexible to meet various grades, schedules, and delivery models. We offer support for teachers with PD, email and live chat.

Innovation Labs® Design Services

Inspire student creativity and engagement when you transform classrooms into imaginative, stimulating spaces with our award winning Innovation Labs® Design Services. With a full line of Innovation Labs, schools can choose from various design elements to turn spaces into immersive educational environments. From treehouses to pirate ships, we help you reinvent your space to foster creativity and team work and can work directly with your staff using the space to design it accordingly.
Innovation Labs® Design Services
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