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Lucas Swartz, Young InventorCreator Of The Slopemaster

With the support of his family and the guidance of a STEAM based learning environment, Lucas Swartz went on to win InventionlandEducation’s Regional Invention Contest with his creation The Slopemaster. He also made history as the youngest to place in the Create! Pittsburgh Festival and at one point had his invention displayed at California University. Inventionland Education empowers young creative minds like Lucas to reach higher and achieve greater. This is his story.

Innovation Curriculum that Builds “self-a-steam”

Inventionland Education’s Innovation Curriculum provides students with hands-on, immersive learning experiences that engage and entertain while teaching valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We’re here to encourage and cultivate the next generation  of scientists, entrepreneurs, and creators so that we can continue to innovate, learn, and grow.

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Download our Student Spotlight on Lucas Swartz and get a closer look at what outcomes our Innovation Curriculum and project-based learning can provide.

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