Inventionland® Education is Awarding up to $1,000,000 in Grant Money. Apply Today.

As part of our commitment to bring Innovation Labs®, Professional Development, and K-12 Innovation Curriculum to even more schools across North America, we’re providing grants. Fill out the grant application today and get your share.

STEM/STEAM Grant Application

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See How the Leechburg Area School District Transformed K-12 Learning

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this actual video of the Inventionland® Curriculum and Innovation Labs® is worth much more. Hear from District Leadership, Principals, and Teachers on how Inventionland® Education partnered with them to create world-class courseware and spaces.

how the grant process works

The Inventionland® Education Grant Process is Simple and Streamlined.

  • Fill out the grant paperwork and return to Inventionland® Education.
  • Let us know your primary grant focus.
  • We will do a timely review of your application.
  • You will be notified of our determination within 2-4 weeks of completion.

About Inventionland® Education

Inventionland® Education is the catalyst that inspires innovation in the classroom through hands-on curriculum, professional learning, and Innovation Labs®. Students work in teams to learn the process of innovation in a real-world environment.

Innovation Labs® Design Services

Inspire student creativity and engagement when you transform classrooms into imaginative, stimulating spaces with our award winning Innovation Labs® Design Services.

With a full line of Innovation Labs®, schools can choose from various design elements to turn spaces into immersive educational environments. From treehouses to pirate ships, we help you reinvent your space to foster creativity and team work and can work directly with your staff using the space to design it accordingly.

Innovation Labs® Design Services
Immersive PD

Professional Development

Confident teachers foster confidence in students. Our professional learning programs are designed to give teachers the tools they need to empower both students and themselves.

From single and multi-day intensive professional development courses to half-day workshops, teachers can earn state teacher continued ed credits, and even become trainers for their district and state ESA.

Inventionland® Education Curriculum & Courseware

Our innovation curriculum brings learning into an immersive environment that’s driven by state standards and Inventionland®’s 30-year history of helping corporations turn ideas into actual products.

This highly engaging courseware follows the Inventionland® 9-step method that takes student ideas from concept to an actual model, culminating in an actual business pitch. 

Teachers do not need previous “making” or “innovation” experience with this course. All that’s needed is an inquiring mind, observation skills, and the ability to inspire creativity with their students.

Innovation Curriculum & Courseware
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