Professional Development

At Inventionland Education, We Take Professional Development to New Heights!

From our immersive, 3-day professional development program to topical workshops to custom training, our goal is to empower teachers with the hands-on knowledge, experience and confidence they need to prepare the innovators and inventors of the future. 

Just as we do for students, we offer fun, hands-on experiences to inspire creativity, teamwork and a growth mindset in teachers.

Teachers using our curriculum may also see problems in need of better solutions. Our professional development courses and workshops offer teachers a safe space to explore Inventionland’s proven 9-Step Method turning their own ideas into innovations and inventions, so they can in turn encourage their own students to do the same.

We really enjoyed these last 3 days! This type of online teacher/student program is so great for our students to experience, build their creativity, find their inner confidence, and understand the business aspect of our ever-changing world.”

Amanda Dyer
Grade 3-6 STEM/Integrated Technology
Kenton City School District

I think one of the things that might be holding the school districts back might be the teachers and administrators thinking, “How do we bring this in successfully?” [Inventionland has] done a phenomenal job of setting up the 9-Step Method that you can follow. We literally were trained a week before we taught it and I walked in very comfortable… The materials are fantastic. The support system was great. Every time I called, I got an answer within a day. It was fantastic, so please don’t be intimidated by taking this course on. Be excited about it because it’s awesome, and it’s going to change your kids.”

Eric Stoudnour
Chemistry Teacher
Altoona Area School District

The training was hands-on and engaging. It let us see firsthand what the kids will experience. I can’t wait to see all of the ideas that our students come up with.”

Ben Barrett
Technology Education
Valley Grove School District

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