No, while high-tech makerspace equipment can be incorporated into this course, but it is not required. This course can easily be taught with a variety of cardboard scraps, scissors, adhesives, and assorted craft supplies. If desired, this course can be taught entirely digitally using CAD programming and art-focused design software.

Because the class and portfolio project is cumulative it is important to review each step. You can spend more time on steps that you want to highlight or feel that students need to more fully understand. 

Ideally this course will be taught over a semester. We recommend dedicating at least 90 hours to the course. This is a flexible curriculum and has been taught in multiple settings and time frames including; after school, as a weekly special for a year, as a summer program, over a trimester, and as a core class taught daily for a semester. 

The teacher of the course will have access to this information. Inventionland Education can access this information, but will not do so unless requested by the school.  

It can depend upon the students learning needs and what project they decide to do. Typically the hands sections will take longer than the introduction. 

Yes, standard alignments can be viewed in the curriculum portal at the top of each step. 

Yes, the whole course is geared toward dividing students into small groups that enhance student interaction and collaboration throughout the semester.

Yes, this course will work from any internet capable device.

No, but we highly recommend access to computers for certain steps of the curriculum. This is highlighted in the steps that require a computer/internet for research. 

Teachers will have access to printable teacher resources, pitch competition preparation guides, hands-on lesson plans, and remote learning activities. These resources are housed in the Teacher Resource section of the curriculum portal.

The Inventionland Education Teacher Resource Store is available online and Inventionland Education products are also available in the in-person retail location inside of Inventionland. Hands on resources and prototyping consumables can be purchased from the Teacher Resource Store. You can view the Teacher Resource Store online or by visiting the Inventionland Factory in person.

Formative assessment: Challenge Activities and quizzes per lesson.

Summative assessment: The school-level pitch contest is the culminating event for most students, where they are given the opportunity to share their projects with a panel of judges and their school communities. It is also the most practical time for teachers to conduct their final mastery evaluations. Principal concept checklists and point evaluation rubrics are available in the Teacher Resource section for teacher use.

Contact information for the school liaison is listed in the the Teacher Resource section of the website, under Stay in Touch or you can submit a ticket with support in your account area. We look forward to hearing from you!