Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs® Overview

Discover how Innovation Labs transform spaces into immersive learning environmnents. 4:52

Innovation Labs® in a New School

See how Berkshire Local Schools showcased Innovation Labs as part of their new campus. 1:40

Reenergizing Spaces and Teaching

Hear how educators from the Leechburg Area School District reimagined spaces and learning. 4:47

Curriculum and Innovation Labs Webinar

Replay this engaging webinar featuring Dr. Sean McCarty of Seneca Valley School District. 60:00

Berkshire Local Schools Timelapse Video

Get a glimpse of new Innovation Labs being constructed in this short timelapse video. 5:01

Inventionland Education & Berkshire on TV

Five years in the making, Berkshire Local Schools open new year with new school. 1:43


How Innovation Curriculum Impacts Schools

See how the Grove City Area School District leverages innovation curriculum. 6:09

Inspiring Special Needs Students

View this video on how the innovation curriculum brings out the best in special needs students. 5:09

Student Outcomes from Grove City Middle School

High school students take a look back on the Inventionland Education class they took in 8th grade. 3:59

Teachers' Perspectives - Innovation Curriculum

Discover what teachers like best about innovation curriculum in this engaging video. 1:22

Student Perspectives - Innovation Curriculum

Hear the impact innovation courseware has with actual students in this fast-paced video. 1:24

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