Tour + Field Trips

Tour Inventionland® and feel the creativity inside America’s largest invention factory.

Come and experience our 61,000 square foot immersive environment, where hundreds of our original products were invented.  Adults and children are invited to join us — in person or virtually — to discover where great ideas become innovative new products.


Fun tours for families, school groups and clubs. Available in person and virtually!

Themed tours and field trips to Inventionland are an amazing way to inspire creativity. With so many possibilities, call us and we can work with you to customize your day.

Storytelling Tour

Creativity and imagination can be found within everyone. This is a whimsical tour of storytelling that explains how we use each of the buildings inside the factory. On this tour information is learned through fun games where we learn about some incredible inventions. This is designed for a small group of younger kids, typically kindergarten to 3rd grade.

Approximately 60 minutes

Basic Factory Tour

Innovation can be found around every corner inside Inventionland. On the basic factory tour we seek to open up the minds of guests and have each guest find their inner inventor. On this factory tour we talk about what inventing is and we will discuss the basic functions of the buildings within Inventionland. This tour is ideal for groups from 4th grade and up.

Approximately 90 minutes


Ideas come from everywhere! On this tour we will discuss the lives of famous inventors, their inventions, and how their ideas came to life. During the tour we seek to share the idea that anyone and everyone can invent. We will also share the stories of successful inventions that have been created within Inventionland. This tour is ideal for groups from 4th grade and up.

Approximately 90 minutes

Career-based Tour

There are many different jobs that go into the inventing process. On this student-oriented tour we will discuss the different careers around the factory. With over 54 different jobs inside of Inventionland, we discuss all of the different careers and skills that are necessary to invent. This tour is ideal for groups 6th grade and up.

Approximately 90 minutes

Customize Your Day for an Even More Immersive Experience!

Activity Add-Ons

We offer many different activities. These activities are essential STEAM activities within the Inventionland Education course. Teachers or group organizers are given the activity names and descriptions and they will select the activity for their group.

  • Pipe Cleaner Challenge
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Product Mash-Up

Specialty Add-Ons

Are you looking to make your tour an unforgettable experience? The specialty add-ons bring a bit of spice to your Inventionland experience. These must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

  • Icing & Cheese: A 3D Printer Explanation – Are your students curious about how a 3D printer works? Listen to one of Inventionland Education’s team members creatively explain how the machine prints while using icing and cheese-wis to visually break down this process.
  • STEAM Career Q&A – With over 54 different jobs spanning over 35 different college majors, there is no doubt that we represent the full rainbow of different STEAM.
  • Lunch & Learn – Are you bringing a class that is oriented to a specific type of job and you want the students to learn about that career in a more comfortable setting? The lunch and learn activity will give students the opportunity to casually ask real-life questions about the jobs they are the most interested in.
Man performing a special activity
Tours + Field Trips

Themed Tours

  • $10 per student and $15 per adult with a $150 minimum cost; teachers and chaperones attend free
  • $250 flat fee for virtual tours
Activity Add-Ons

Activity Add-Ons

  • $2 per person for family or general tour groups
  • $50 flat fee per school group
Speciality Add-Ons

Specialty Add-Ons

  • $5 per person for Icing & Cheese: A 3D Printer Explanation
  • $10 per person for STEAM Career Q&A
  • $15 per person for Lunch & Learn

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