An Unconference and an International Opportunity? Oui! Oui!


EdCampPGH 1From attending an “unconference” conference to welcoming a group of international visitors to our creative space, the last week has been a whirlwind of great networking opportunities for the Inventionland®Education!

On November 7th, Executive Director Nathan Field attended EdCampPGH at Pittsburgh’s Montour Area High School. The day-long event was filled with educators from across the region who wanted to talk about… well, whatever they wanted to talk about!

“There were no moderators,” said Field. “Everyone wrote down the topics they wanted to discuss, then met with other educators with similar interests or issues. It was a fun day.”

EdCampPGH 2

Field said that talk about our curriculum and creative space made such an impact at EdCampPGH that he is already in talks to host the next unconference at Inventionland!

But, before our facility is filled with excited educators from the Pittsburgh area, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of international educators!

Earlier this week, four administrators from La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Canada came to Inventionland®to hear more about our hands-on inventing curriculum.

“They were so excited to learn more about us that they actually planned their visit a couple weeks ago, before even IMG_4368contacting us!” said Field.

That enthusiasm continued at Inventionland, where they discussed the possibilities of inserting the Inventionland®Education curriculum into their current coursework, which includes classes like welding, wood-working and engineering.

“Once they heard about our creative atmosphere and collaborative learning approach, they couldn’t wait to spread the word to their faculty,” said Field.

In fact, the La Cité collégiale administrators are already laying the preliminary groundwork to begin piloting our curriculum! Because the international college teaches in both of Canada’s official languages, part of that process will be translating the Inventionland®Education curriculum to French!

Are we excited about a possible international partnership with La Cité collégiale?! Oui! Oui! 🙂