Arbor Day STEAM Lesson Plan: The Value of a Tree


Tomorrow is Arbor Day and if you’re looking for a STEAM lesson that gets students out of the classroom and exploring the world around them, look no further than this lesson, which will take approximately one 45-60 minute class to complete.

Materials Needed

  • Tablets (or computers or smartphones) with internet access
  • Website:
  • Large balls of yarn or twine with scissors
  • Tape Measure (or another measuring tool) that can measure 4.5 feet
  • Pencils
  • Value Of a Tree Handout (below)


  1. Ask students if they know the names of any of the trees they see around school.
  2. Tell them that today they are going to learn facts about the trees around the school. Using their school’s zip code, species of tree and its size, they will learn the environmental and economic value trees provide on an annual basis.
  3. Distribute handout (click here for printable version).