Celebrating Holiday Innovations of the Last Century that Are Fun and Sustainable


As we wrap up the year, we’d like to thank you for being part of our journey of bringing innovation to schools worldwide.

The holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. 

To have some fun, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the remarkable advancements in technology and innovation we’ve witnessed in the past century.

These inventions stand out for their commitment to environmental sustainability. Let’s take a moment to appreciate these great holiday inventions that have made our celebrations enjoyable and eco-friendly.

LED Lights stock photo

LED Christmas Lights:

Gone are the days of energy-guzzling incandescent holiday lights. LED Christmas lights have become a staple in households worldwide, offering a vibrant and energy-efficient alternative. LED lights consume significantly less electricity, last longer, and are free of toxic materials, making them a shining example of sustainable holiday innovation.

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping stock photoEco-Friendly Wrapping Alternatives:

Traditional gift wrapping contributes to tons of waste each year. Fortunately, eco-conscious alternatives have emerged, including reusable fabric wraps, recycled paper, and plantable wrapping paper embedded with seeds. These options reduce the environmental impact of gift-giving while adding a touch of creativity to the presents under the tree.

Solar-Powered Decorations stock photo

Solar-Powered Decorations:

Holiday decorations have taken a leap towards sustainability with the advent of solar-powered ornaments. From festive string lights to decorative figurines, these decorations harness the sun’s power, eliminating the need for batteries or electricity consumption. It’s a bright idea that lights up our holidays while reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Christmas Trees stock photo

Sustainable Christmas Trees:

The environmental impact of traditional Christmas tree farming has led to the rise of sustainable alternatives. Reusable artificial trees from recycled materials offer a long-lasting option, while potted trees planted after the holidays provide a living, breathing symbol of sustainability.

Upcycled Ornaments and Decor stock photo

Upcycled Ornaments and Decor:

Artisans and artists have embraced upcycling, creating unique holiday ornaments from recycled materials. From old CDs transformed into shimmering snowflakes to wine corks repurposed into festive decorations, these creative innovations add a personalized and sustainable touch to holiday décor.

Eco-Friendly Gift stock photo

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas:

The market has recently seen an influx of environmentally friendly gift options. From zero-waste starter kits to sustainable clothing and accessories, consumers now access a wide array of products that prioritize style and the planet. These gifts not only bring joy to the recipient but also promote a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

As we reflect on the past century’s holiday innovations, it’s evident that a positive shift toward sustainability is underway. 

These eco-friendly inventions enhance our holiday experience and remind us of the importance of making responsible choices. This holiday season, let’s continue to celebrate with gratitude for the innovations contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.