Elementary Students Pilot New Inventionland®Curriculum!


The Inventionland®Institute’s Innovation Course has proven to be an inspiring and effective way of learning for middle and high schoolers. This fall, it will be available for elementary students as well!

On July 12, we welcomed a group of students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade for a focus group to pilot the workshops. Like their older counterparts, the elementary students were blown away by the fun, hands-on course that inspires creativity, team building, and so much more.

“This would make learning a whole different experience,” said fifth-grader Angelo.

The group of eager students dived into each workshop challenge and had a blast.

“It was fun! We did all these crafts and built different stuff,” said fourth-grader Saige.

There also was a tour of the one-of-a-kind Inventionland®facility and a pizza party lunch to thank them for their hard work. During the tour, the students got to kick up their feet in our movie theater recliners and watch an inspirational “Dare to Invent” video.

“The best part was when I saw the movie. That was fun,” said Sam, a fifth grader.

At the end of the day, they took home a few self-made souvenirs.

“I loved making bracelets!” said second-grader Atia, who showed off a stylish and colorful piece made entirely of pipe cleaners.

These young innovators proved that our elementary program is sure to be a hit! If you would like more information about the Inventionland®Institute Innovation Course, please call 1-800-585-8434 or visit