Inventionland®and SVSD Helps Move STEM Education Forward in Capitol Hill Briefing


Seal of the United States House of RepresentativesInventionland®Education, a leading provider of STEM education solutions, recently had the opportunity to attend a briefing for Capitol Hill staffers during the Challenges in STEM Teaching event on May 24th, 2023. This event, organized by the STEM Education Coalition, aimed to shed light on the recruitment, retention, and professional life challenges the STEM teacher workforce faces.

The briefing attendees included congressional staff and officials from various federal agencies who gathered to gain insights into the current state of STEM education.

Among the esteemed speakers was Dr. Sean McCarty, Assistant Superintendent of the Seneca Valley School District in Pennsylvania. He shared his experiences in the importance of STEM education, its role in student development, and strategies to retain and recruit STEM teachers. Dr. McCarty has worked closely with Inventionland®Education in installing Innovation Labs and including the invention curriculum that supports applied STEM studies to elementary and middle school students.

 Seneca Valley School District

Dr. McCarty has spearheaded the Seneca Valley School District’s impressive efforts in promoting creativity, innovation, and research. His visionary leadership led to development of the Creativity, Innovation, and Research Center (CIRC), which has garnered recognition as a model program for schools throughout Pennsylvania and the country.

Dr. McCarty is also a big believer in how environments impact student learning. The Seneca Valley School District received the prestigious Edison Award in 2018 after installing its state-of-the-art Innovation Lab at the Haine School, developed in collaboration and partnership with Inventionland®Education. This accolade marked the first time a public school had ever won the Edison Award, previously awarded to renowned visionaries such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

The success of the Seneca Valley School District’s CIRC program can be attributed to its focus on innovation and the incorporation of Inventionland®Education’s Innovation Labs and Invention Curriculum.

These cutting-edge resources have transformed the educational experience for students, enabling them to delve into the exciting world of STEM through hands-on projects and creative problem-solving activities.

Inventionland®and SVSD Helps Move STEM Education Forward in Capitol Hill Briefing

Inventionland®Education’s Innovation Labs provide students a dynamic environment to explore their imaginations and cultivate essential skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. In addition, these labs serve as incubators for innovation, encouraging students to design, prototype, and bring their ideas and inventions to life.

Complementing the physical aspects of Innovation Labs, Inventionland®Education’s Invention Curriculum offers a comprehensive framework that seamlessly integrates applied STEM concepts into the classroom. This curriculum fosters an active and engaging learning environment by employing a student-driven, project-based approach. For example, in the inventing class, students identify real-world problems, apply STEAM principles, and develop inventive solutions, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of STEM disciplines.

Through their participation in the Challenges in STEM Teaching Briefing, Inventionland®Education has demonstrated its commitment to advancing K12 STEM education and inspiring the next generation of innovators.

 Seneca Valley School District

In showcasing the success of the Seneca Valley School District and the transformative impact of its Innovation Labs and Invention Curriculum, Dr. Mc Carty has provided policymakers with tangible evidence of the power of immersive, hands-on learning experiences and the power of creative maker spaces.

As the nation continues to emphasize the importance of STEM education, initiatives like those implemented by the Seneca Valley School District and Inventionland®Education serve as a model for STEM programs and teacher retention and recruiting throughout the country. Investing in innovative educational STEM strategies and equipping students with the necessary skills for the future can pave the way for a more technologically advanced and prosperous society.

The Seneca Valley School District and Inventionland®Education’s participation in the Capitol Hill briefing through the STEM Education Coalition is just one example of their ongoing efforts to push STEM education forward. Through their commitment to empowering educators and students with transformative resources, both Seneca Valley School District and Inventionland®Education play a pivotal role in shaping the future of STEM education, one innovative idea and student at a time.