Living and Loving STEM Education Every Day!


OK, OK, OK… we know we talk a lot about STEM education here; but, trust us – everywhere we go, we’re surrounded by science, technology, engineering and math!

Maker Faire Pittsburgh 1Take last weekend for instance, three members of our team couldn’t resist taking their families to Maker Faire Pittsburgh, a show and share event that was held at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to showcase inventions and creativity.

Among the STEM-inspired experiences, there were drones, dinosaurs and robots circling, scientific solutions bubbling, electric cars cruising by and so much more.

Here’s a look at some of the fun our Inventionland®Education team and their families had at 2015’s Maker Faire Pittsburgh:

Maker Faire Pittsburgh 16 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 15 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 13 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 14 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 12

Maker Faire Pittsburgh 10 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 11 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 9 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 8 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 7

Maker Faire Pittsburgh 5 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 6 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 4 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 3 Maker Faire Pittsburgh 2

And, the Maker Faire isn’t the only STEM-education event that’s inspiring us lately, either. Tomorrow, our creative design facility, Inventionland, is hosting the Carnegie Science Center’s CanTEEN Career Explorations program for a Tour Your Future event.

Inventionland®tour ambassador Sarah Fahey said she is ready to show the middle and high school girls who attend that a career in a STEM field can be fun!

“I always liked math and science growing up, so it is nice to meet girls who are interested in those subjects. I think it is important for them to see the wide variety of career choices and Inventionland®is perfect for that! We have a lot of talented women working here and our group of ambassadors is only a small sample of that. It will be great to meet with this group of girls and learn more about their goals and interests! Hopefully we will show them that a career using math and technology doesn’t equal a boring job,” said Fahey.

Check our blog tomorrow for some photos of the CanTEEN tour in action!