New Year = New Outreach Opportunities!


Happy New Year! Though it may be hard to tackle those post-holiday back-to-work blues for some, here at the Inventionland®Institute, we’ve hit the ground running in 2016! OK, OK – so, we also hit the snooze button several times earlier this week, too – but, an exciting visit from a possible future partner this week made it a bit easier to get right back into the swing of things!

Just yesterday, we welcomed representatives from Ohio’s Buckeye Educational Systems to our very own creative design space, Inventionland! Buckeye Educational Systems carries over 35 years of experience in bringing innovative, technology-based systems and resources to schools and colleges in both Ohio and Michigan.


We initially met with Buckeye reps when we were at CareerTech Vision 2015 in New Orleans last November and we couldn’t wait to share more with them about our real-world inventing curriculum. Now that 2016 has arrived, we were happy to show them around the place where it all got started, Inventionland!

Buckeye Educational Systems specializes in solutions for bringing STEM-education, 3D-design, custom labs and other interactive technology to classrooms throughout the Midwest. So, obviously we had a lot to talk about during yesterday’s visit!

According to Inventionland®Institute Executive Director Nathan Field, the Buckeye Educational Systems team is excited to see how our curriculum may mesh with their long history of creating custom maker space environments.

“They’ve been working with maker spaces for many years. They are enthusiastic to share Inventionland®Institute’s curriculum with schools to get the students working in their newly created spaces.” said Field.

We look forward to the possibilities of working with this trusted educational product and services provider in 2016!