February / March 2022 Newsletter

February/March 2022

New stop motion and cardboard workshop
New Stop Motion and Cardboard Workshops
Stop Motion WorkshopWe’ve added two new 90-minute workshops for educators to learn the fascinating world of stop motion and cardboard creation.
Stop Motion Workshop Stop Motion Workshop
Stop motion animated film making can be a great class activity, where objects are physically manipulated in small increments to exhibit motion or change.
  • What exactly is stop motion
  • Elements of stop motion including objects, clay, puppets, cut-outs & silhouette animation
  • How to use stop motion apps and with devices
  • Shooting stop motion
  • Tips and tricks using stop motion
  • How to edit,assemble and produce an actual stop motion movie
Cardboard Workshop Cardboard Workshop
Cardboard is the ideal starting point for a project because it is easy to find, affordable, strong, easy-to-use and can be found almost everywhere.
  • History of cardboard (Invented in China in the 15th century)
  • Folding, shaping and cardboard techniques
  • Types of things that can be created with cardboard
  • Advantages of using cardboard
  • How to re-purpose cardboard for future inventing
  • Tips and tricks using cardboard

We’re Scheduling Innovation Labs® Appointments

Schedule a STEM Day of Innovation

Scheduling Innovation Labs® AppointmentsHave you seen the inspiring, immersive learning spaces we help create with our Innovation Labs®? We’re currently booking appointments for the 2022/23 school year. Find out more, or schedule a consultation.<

Bring Our Curriculum to your Classroom, Summer School or After-school Program

Bring Our Curriculum to your ClassroomYou probably know that our Innovation Courseware is perfect as a stand-alone, STEM-aligned course. But it’s also great as a summer school offering, after-school program or remote learning. Your K-12 students will learn the real-world, 9-stop process to innovating and inventing.

Innovation Contests Bring out the Best

One of the cornerstones of our Courseware are the Innovation Contests that conclude the class. Not only is it a great way to showcase student innovator’s, but it’s a great way to teach K-12 students the process of inventing. Most students are familiar with the “Shark Tank” concept, but not everything that goes into getting to that point. Our 9-step process shows students the way it’s done.

Refer a School or Colleague - Receive Exclusive SWAG

Exclusive SWAGReferrals are the best form of flattery. If you know of someone who could benefit from our courseware, professional development or lab services, please let us know. We’ll send you your choice of 9 beautiful STEM/STEAM posters or offer you $50 in Inventionland® store credit.

Let us Know if You Have an Idea

Let us Know if You Have an Idea

If you have an idea for us, let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make our courseware, professional development and lab services even better.
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“Students are on a mission, they are explorers… they are building their confidence. To me, we want to build up kids for life, not tests.” – George M. Davison, Founder and CEO of Inventionland®


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