May / June 2022 Newsletter

June 2022

Meet the Winners of our 2022 Invention Contests

The Inventionland® Education Inventing Class guides students through an entire course on innovation and invention. It follows the same industry-based 9-step method used at Inventionland® headquarters, which is one of the world’s largest invention factories. It culminates with a “pitch” to judges. See the winning products the students came up with.

High School 2022 Winners

First PlaceDomestic Violence Artificial Intelligence DeviceFirst Place: Tristan Socie, Altoona Area High School, Domestic Violence Artificial Intelligence Device (DVAI) Tristan created a device that looks like an air freshener but is actually a hidden AI device that secretly starts to record and notify authorities when a code word is spoken, without the abuser knowing. Second Place: Kassidy Zacur, Tanner Popella, and Harley Cochran, Greater Latrobe School District, Heated Athletics The group created heated athletic gloves to be used to keep hands warm when playing outdoors in cold weather. Third Place: Ethan Sipes, Altoona Area High School, Quick Mints Ethan created a product that holds mints in a container that can be attached to a key ring or backpack. It has a retractable leash that makes getting a mint easy and convenient.

Middle School 2022 Winners

New Innovation Labs® in Burton, Ohio First PlaceFirst Place: Madison Mulato and Mia Mertz, Grove City Middle School, Heron Hair Tie Madison and Mia created an extra stretchy, comfortable hair tie for all hair types. It’s made especially for people with really thick hair that can be difficult to tie comfortably. Second Place: Helen Hatfield and Amelia Jackson, Grove City Middle School, H & C Lunch Boxes The team didn’t like the idea that their lunches didn’t always stay hot or cold, so they came up with a lunchbox that separates hot and cold foods successfully. Third Place: Hailee Rankin, Highlands Middle School, the Loft Table Hailee created a table design that’s meant to hang against a wall next to a lofted bed, so it could be folded down so students can work on a laptop or on homework in bed. It has charging ports for laptops and cell phones as well.

Elementary School 2022 Winners

First PlaceDomestic Violence Artificial Intelligence DeviceFirst Place: Addison Eiler, Maddie Groskiewcz and Dominica Mechtel, Fort Cherry Elementary School, Crystal Clean Dog Brush The dog brush is brilliantly designed to bathe dogs quicker and easier, with a brush that connects to a water hose. The brush has an area on the back for shampoo and conditioner, so it easily flows out while washing the dog. Second Place: Zander Dudzinski, Cameron Eiler, Grayson Eiler, Kyler Giambanco and Reese Vidt, Fort Cherry Elementary School, The Everything Stick The Everything Stick is made for people who want to play multiple sports with one stick. It can be turned into a hockey stick, baseball bat or lacrosse stick, so they need to bring only one thing with them. Third PlaceAshley Estes and Madison Klezia, Fort Cherry Elementary School, EZ Pencil Eraser The team created a pencil with an adjustable eraser that could be pushed up when it’s running low. They also plan to sell refillable eraser sets for when the eraser is finally done, so the pencil and eraser last longer.

Join Us for Our Webinar on Creative Spaces June 8th

New Innovation Labs® in Burton, OhioThoughtfully designed, age-appropriate learning spaces have been shown to promote student engagement, enhance learning and promote positive school culture. Inventionland® Education creates visually exciting, theme-based learning environments by renovating tired or dated spaces, or through support within new construction initiatives.

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Schedule Professional LearningDid you know that Inventionland® Education offers a wide variety of PD at affordable prices? Our programs range from fast-paced, topical sessions that can be delivered in-person or remotely. We also offer intensive, 3-day workshops. Check out our maker technology professional learning today. Summer and Fall are great times to lock in our training

Summer School Options with Inventionland® Education

Summer School Options with Inventionland EducationDid you know that the Inventionland® Education invention curriculum makes a great summer school program. Many of the schools we work with love that it’s flexible, creative, and fun. You can see from the inventions that students came up with in this newsletter just how impactful the course can be.

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Need Maker Supplies? Order Online TodayInventionland® Education offers a wide variety of maker kits for just about any situation. Take a look at all of our offerings in our store. You’ll be inspired, and your students will be able to complete their assignments with the these maker sets and tools.

Have an Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You.​

Have an Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You.

Some of our very best ideas come from educators like you. If you have something to share, or an idea on how we can make our curriculum better, please drop us a line.
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“Students are on a mission, they are explorers… they are building their confidence. To me, we want to build up kids for life, not tests.” – George M. Davison, Founder and CEO of Inventionland®


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