Snapping Selfies in the Name of STEM!


As if there aren’t already enough great things about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, it truly is amazing how being involved in these core fields allows you to branch out and meet other enthusiastic educators and STEM education support agencies.

IMG_7183Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from the Greater Southern Tier Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). This group of leaders, who hail from New York, work to provide educational leadership, services and support to 21 school districts across the southern tier of their state.

Specifically, we met with the Greater Southern Tier BOCES team that is focused on STEM education. Needless to say, we hit it off from the get-go!

According to their website, the BOCES team is on a mission to “re-energize, revitalize and refocus attention, interest and understanding of the embedded importance of… STEM to life-long learning and success.”

IMG_7180To achieve that mission, they intend to create a regional pipeline that prepares their students for college and 21st century careers where STEM is vital. And, that’s where the Inventionland®Education curriculum – and the selfies – come in! 🙂

BOCES reps were excited about the opportunity to bring our hands-on, project-based STEM-education curriculum to the 900 teachers in their school districts. In fact, we discussed plans to certify the BOCES team to actually train their educators to teach the real-world inventing curriculum.

Talk about STEM-education branching out across state lines!

We are thrilled about the potential opportunity of working with the Greater Southern Tier BOCES team to help them achieve their goals in furthering STEM-education throughout the state of New York. Look for more details about this exciting possible partnership coming soon!