What a Difference a Few Months Makes! See a Custom Makerspace We Created in Action!


It may be one thing for us to explain our capabilities in designing a creative space that allows students to immerse themselves in hands-on, project-based learning. But, to see a group of students doing just that in a space that we 3played a major role in creating takes all that talk to an entirely new level.

When The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, asked for some help in creating a custom makerspace for their students last summer, we were happy to lend our expertise in designing their three-room creative haven. At the time, the school had just completed their first semester of the Inventionland®Institute curriculum. They were looking for a better way to encourage creativity and productivity outside the confines of a traditional classroom that can leave students feeling much less than inspired.

The school gave us a blank space of three rooms to renovate and fill with innovation, so we surveyed the space, 1drew up a blueprint with our suggestions and began a total redesign. The result was a unique three-room makerspace with endless creative possibilities.

“There’s an inventor-space for brainstorming and designing, a maker-space for building and a storytelling-space for showcasing ideas with video and photography,” said Inventionland®Institute Executive Director Nathan Field.

We’ve given you a look at the makerspace installation already, but now The Kiski School is showing off their custom makerspace in action! They’ve created an inspirational video that takes a look inside their makerspace and the many ways their students and instructors are thriving in the inventive area:

We think The Kiski School Headmaster Christopher Brueningsen summed it up best.

“Makerspace is a perfect fit for Kiski…” said Brueningsen, noting the way their makerspace encourages creativity among both students and teachers, alike.

From the looks of things, The Kiski School custom makerspace will continue to inspire. The school’s next group of students to enroll in the Inventionland®Institute curriculum is set to begin their coursework in late January.

If you think our curriculum or creative space-making capabilities are a good fit for you and your school, contact the Inventionland®Institute today!