You’ve Already Heard it from Us – Now, Hear What Students are Saying about our Course!


You may have heard about the Inventionland®Education from the media; you may have heard about our project-based curriculum from our own mouths; but, today, we’re letting members of our inaugural class of Inventionland®Education students tell you what they really thought about the course:

“It challenged us to deeply think about our interests…”

“It’s cool using new technology that most [high school students] probably won’t get to use…”

“[It] was really hands-on. You had to get out there and make your own invention…”

That is just a taste of what students had to say about putting our proven nine-step inventing method into practice to identify an everyday problem and solve it by utilizing the STEM fields and other advancing technologies, like 3D-printing.

You can hear even more of what students are saying about the Inventionland®Education curriculum in this short video: