5 Must-Haves For A Creative Classroom


Here at Inventionland, we’re big fans of creative environments. We’re pretty sure the castle, pirate ship, tree house, and raceway gave that away!

Did you know that you can build your own creative kingdom without the castle? Here are 5 quick tips to add a little innovation to the typical classroom.


  1. Wall Art. Go from drab to fab by turning the walls of your environment into a mural of inspiration. We have plenty of Peek-a-Boo® Posters, MakerCharts®, LessonSigns™ and more in our online store.
  2. Collaborative Activities. The role of the educator is shifting. Put your students in the driver’s seat by facilitating group activities that allow them to work together towards a common goal. STEM/STEAM-based activities are a fun and engaging way to collaborate.
  3. Magic Bins. Do you have junk laying around that you don’t know what to do with? Turn it into something useful! Here at Inventionland, we have an entire area of “magic bins” where parts are saved for future creations. Today’s piece of trash could be tomorrow’s treasure!
  4. Hands-On Activities. Kids are active. Get them up and moving by challenging them with activities that require both motor skills and brainpower.
  5. The Freedom to Express Ideas. Does a twisted piece of metal count as a toy? Is wearing a blanket a silly idea? Products like the Slinky and Snuggie prove that if you let your imagination roam free, there’s no telling where it can go. Encourage students not to be afraid of embarrassed by their ideas. You never know which one could be a hit!


The Inventionland®Institute’s Innovation Course is a great way of incorporating everything into one educational and engaging curriculum. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-585-8434 or visit