Inventionland’s Teacher of The Month!


This month’s Teacher Feature focuses on Mike Lincoln of Avonworth! Mr. Lincoln is a veteran instructor of the Inventionland®Institute’s Innovation Course. He has seen firsthand how the numerous skills and collaborative learning of the course have made an impact on his students, and he can’t wait to get back into the groove and start a new school year. Mr. Lincoln is an excellent educator who goes above and beyond outside of the classroom as well. In his spare time, he enjoys flying drones! Read more of our interview with Mr. Lincoln below.


Does the summer break feel too long or too short? To me, summer break goes by too fast, as I am busy getting prepared for the new school year. 


Each year is unique with many new students and personalities. How do you get back into a familiar groove?  What works for me is to not change my habits too much. I’m a morning person, so I’m up early and into the day throughout the summer.  I am constantly growing my knowledge and skills to share with my students, so teaching and learning never really ends for me.


Do project-based courses like the Inventionland®Institute’s Innovation Course help break the ice and keep students engaged throughout the course?  Project based courses are the norm for us elective/specials teachers. We have always provided students with choice and control over their learning.  Choice and control inherently foster excitement and engagement. Our Inventionland®course is a perfect example of this type of experienced learning. 


What do you hope to see from your classroom of innovators this year?  We hope to see students experiencing learning in an authentic way to solve problems as they develop engineering and communication skills along the way.