An Exclusive Look at a Custom Makerspace in the Making!



Just as The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, prepares to kick off their second semester of Inventionland®Education curriculum, our team of designers is putting the finishing touches on the school’s creative makerspace.

This renovation project has been going on since early this summer and we’ve shared a few sneak peeks on social media; but, today, we’re delving deep into the space’s design with Inventionland®Education Executive Director Nathan Field.

“They wanted to renovate three rooms; so, we looked at the space, gave suggestions, took measurements and created a blueprint of the area,” said Field.

IMG_4145Ever since the blueprints were drawn up, Field and a team of designers have been busy creating the desks, tools and other equipment that will complete The Kiski School’s multi-room makerspace.

“There’s an inventor-space for brainstorming and designing, a maker-space for building and a storytelling-space for showcasing ideas with video and photography,” said Field.

Inside of that creative haven, Kiski students will find work benches, custom-made magnetic dry-erase boards, high-back desks with shadow IMG_6543walls marked specifically with outlined tool slots, a cyc wall and just about every hammer, drill, clamp and other tool necessary for new product development.

In addition to all of that hardware, The Kiski School’s three-room makerspace will include inspirational and informational posters to help motivate students to reach their innovative potential.IMG_4231

Field said that all customization work on the space has been completed in-house by Inventionland®designers over the last couple months. Now, his team is just about ready to take this makerspace on the move!

“Next week, we’re loading up a semi-truck for the on-site delivery and installation… ready just in time for fall classes,” said Field.

Here are a few more shots of The Kiski School’s creative makerspace in progress:

IMG_4174 IMG_4194 IMG_4217 IMG_4222


We’ll share more photos as we complete the makerspace installation. Check back for more from The Kiski School next week!