The Kiski School’s Custom Makerspace in the Making is Almost Complete!


Kiski Makerspace 4

A couple weeks ago, we gave you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the work that our Inventionland design team was doing to customize tools and equipment for The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania’s newest addition, an inventing makerspace!

Kiski Makerspace 1Just last week, we loaded every custom-made magnetic dry-erase board, high-back desk, hammer, drill, clamp and other tool into a semi-truck and began to drive the multi-room makerspace installation process!

Inside work began on The Kiski School’s inventor-space, maker-space and story-telling space last Tuesday. In just two days, the creative spaces really started coming together, which is a good thing – because the school’s preparing to start their second semester of Inventionland Institute curriculum this fall!

Here’s a sneak peek at The Kiski School’s custom makerspaces in progress:

Kiski Makerspace 6 Kiski Makerspace 3

Kiski Makerspace 8 Kiski Makerspace 9

Kiski Makerspace 2 Kiski Makerspace 5

Kiski Makerspace 7 Kiski Makerpsace 10

As they continue to prepare for the start of the fall semester, next steps for The Kiski School will include an on-site tutorial from our team. See and hear more about the school’s custom, multi-room makerspace in the coming weeks!