Starting the School Year Full STEAM Ahead!



Most students around the nation are getting settled in their desks as the 2015 back-to-school season is underway. For several Pennsylvania schools, this school year will be powered by a little STEAM and project-based learning, thanks to the addition of our state-of-the-art Inventionland®Education inventing curriculum and some of the customized tools that go with it.

Here at the Institute, we’re excited to announce that three new regional school districts have decided to sign on with our curriculum and/or creative classroom capabilities.

– The Avonworth School District will be bringing our real-world inventing curriculum to their students in an effort to inspire and challenge student creativity. Since the Inventionland®Education lessons are already planned out, starting the curriculum in their classrooms will be a breeze!

– The South Fayette School District has ordered two custom 3-D printers to enhance their drive toward STEAM education.

– The Montour School District has enlisted our design help in creating an “inspirational lift” for middle school 2students. Right now, our design team is mocking up ideas to transform their makerspaces! This innovative venture stemmed from Montour’s senior leadership retreat, which we hosted in part of at our very own creative design space!

You may also remember that our curriculum went to college last spring when the DuBois Business College (DBC) adapted the Inventionland®Education. This fall, DBC students will bring their creativity full circle when the class culminates with their on-site pitch presentations!

And, finally, in our back-to-school bulletin, we’ve just wrapped up the installation process of The Kiski School’s custom three-room makerspace as students there prepare to embark on their second semester of Inventionland®Education curriculum. Our team is headed back to Saltsburg soon to prep school instructors on some of the new equipment we delivered last week.

The school year is just getting started; so, as far as our curriculum and tools are concerned, it’s full STEAM ahead toward innovation!