How Inventionland Education’s Program is Great for After-school or Summer Activities


The versatility of Inventionland Education innovation course makes it an ideal choice for after-school and summer programs. Beyond the traditional classroom’s confines, students can explore their interests and unleash their creative potential in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment.

hands-on projects

Participants work in small groups of 2-4 members to develop their invention or innovation. Throughout the program, they ideate, do competitive research, prototype, develop packaging, and prepare the end-of-program marketing pitch for a group of three judges.

end-of-program marketing pitch

It’s very hands-on, and participants own the program because it’s their idea. They may even decide to market their inventions in their own communities.


Whether designing an insulated phone case, building a new electronic device, creating a toy, or solving a problem in an entirely new way,  students are encouraged to dream big and push the boundaries of innovation.

Along the way, you’re fostering a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in developing minds. The applied STEM innovation program is tailored for elementary, middle, and high school age groups. It’s revolutionizing traditional education and redefining after-school and summer programs. As conventional education methods continue to adapt to meet future demands, the Inventionland Education program is paving the way with innovative approaches to learning and engagement.

after-school and summer programs

One critical factor making the Inventionland Education program so influential is its emphasis on hands-on learning. Rather than textbooks and lectures, students engage in practical activities that stimulate their curiosity and creativity. Whether designing and prototyping a new product or solving real-world challenges, members work in an environment of experiential learning that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

STEM curriculum

Furthermore, the program introduces entrepreneurialism while reinforcing STEM concepts in a way that is both engaging and accessible to students of all ages. By integrating STEM principles into fun and interactive projects, students not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also develop a deep understanding of how these concepts in real-world scenarios. This approach cultivates a lifelong passion for innovation and business acumen.


2023 Regional Inventionland Contest. Photo of the students in the contest

By nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age, students are empowered to think about innovation and the inventing process differently, with the possibility of pursuing their own ventures in the future. This holistic approach prepares students for the demands of the modern workforce and instills invaluable life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

By fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, Inventionland Education is shaping the next generation of leaders and problem solvers who will drive progress and improve the world.