Students Score Big as Their Invention Hits the Market after Winning Inventionland Contest


Few moments in education are as gratifying as seeing students engage with their coursework and make tangible impacts on the world of innovation. Such is the case for Mia Mertz and Madison Mulato, two former eighth-grade students from Grove City Middle School in Pennsylvania.

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After taking first place in their middle school contest, the girls advanced and won the Regional Invention Contest in the middle school division in 2022. After their win, they were invited to an exclusive video podcast by George Davison, founder of Inventionland and the host of Tomorrow’s World Today, an Emmy-nominated television show on the Discovery and Science channels now in its sixth season.

Interviews with our 2022 Invention Contest Winners Mia Mertz and Madison Mulato

During the podcast, Mr. Davison was so impressed with Mia and Madison’s poise and confidence that he called the President of Jokari, an international product distribution company based in Texas, and suggested they work together to create a licensing agreement.

The Inspired Home Show in Chicago

Fast-forward to March 2024, and Mia and Madison’s invention was proudly featured at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago, formerly known as the International Home + Housewares Show. This renowned event gathers home and housewares professionals from over 120 countries to discover new products and industry trends. It was the perfect platform to introduce their creation to a global audience, marking a significant milestone in their journey from classroom innovators to an actual consumer product.

Dr. Joshua J. Weaver - GCASD's Assistant Superintendent
        Dr. Joshua Weaver

Dr. Joshua Weaver, Assistant Superintendent of the Grove City Area School District, expressed immense pride in Mia and Madison’s achievements. He highlighted the district’s commitment to fostering critical skills like creativity, communication, and collaboration among its students.

Reflecting on the impact of the invention course, Mr. Larry Connelly, Principal of Grove City Middle School, emphasized its immersive nature and the sense of ownership it instills in students. He underscored the importance of empowering students to drive their learning, a sentiment echoed by teachers Ms. Karen Garland and Mr. Ben English, who guide students through the invention process.

career exploration and CAD design

Grove City Middle School’s structured pathway for middle school students lays the foundation for innovation, with courses ranging from business and technology to career exploration and CAD design.

The Inventionland Education innovation course in eighth grade is the culmination of this pathway, where students collaborate in teams to develop new products or enhance existing ones using Inventionland’s 9-step inventing process.

Grove City Middle School
Nathan Field, Executive Director of Inventionland Education, reiterated the organization’s commitment to nurturing young innovators, emphasizing the importance of fostering an innovation mindset from an early age.

CreativityMia and Madison’s journey exemplifies the power of education to inspire creativity and drive real-world change. As their invention hits the market, they are shining examples of what happens when students can explore, innovate, and make their mark on the world.

From the halls of Grove City Middle School to the global stage of The Inspired Home Show, their story is a testament to the limitless potential of young minds when given the chance to shine.