Innovation Education is Making Waves Globally as Student Invention from Jordan Earns Licensing Agreement


Innovation Education is Making Waves Globally as Student Invention from Jordan Earns Licensing Agreement

One shining example comes from Jordan, where students engaged in the Youth Innovation Project, a collaborative effort between Amideast, the Jordan Ministry of Youth, and Inventionland®Education. These students conceptualized and crafted the “Amazing H2O Lid,” emerging as winners in the end-of-course invention contest and earning a real-world licensing agreement.

Inventionland Education International Contests

Recently, the spotlight shone brightly on the “Amazing H2O Lid” as it was showcased at the 2024 Inspired Home Show in Chicago. This prestigious event draws attendees from 120 countries, highlighting the global recognition and potential of innovative solutions like the lid created by Jordanian students.

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This groundbreaking initiative underscores the commitment of organizations like Amideast to foster educational and professional opportunities across the Middle East, Western Asia, and North Africa. Partnering with the Jordan Ministry of Youth, Amideast facilitates career development and English language programs, promoting lifelong learning and advancing dialogue between the U.S. and Jordan.

Mr. George Davison, President and CEO of Inventionland®Education, expressed his excitement at seeing young entrepreneurs flourish through the program. “It’s especially gratifying to be doing this on a global scale,” he remarked, emphasizing the universal capacity for innovation regardless of geographical location.

In addition to fostering entrepreneurship, Amideast offers the Arab Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), further bolstering efforts to cultivate innovation and economic opportunities in Jordan. This collaborative approach, supported by the Jordan Ministry of Youth, promises to transform lives and drive economic growth.

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Jordan’s status as an “oasis of stability” amid regional turbulence has positioned it as an attractive destination for foreign investors. With a skilled workforce and a burgeoning science and technology sector, Jordan is on the cusp of significant economic development. Its capital city, Amman, is a testament to the country’s blend of rich history and modernity.

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As Jordan continues to harness the power of innovation and education, initiatives like the Youth Innovation Project serve as catalysts for progress, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.