Inventionland®Meeting Launches Partnership with PA Intermediate Unit 1 Officials


Though the doors to our creative design facility are always open for public tours, this week, we welcomed members of Pennsylvania’s Intermediate Unit 1 (IU1) to Inventionland®for a strategic planning session.

IU1 is one of 29 Intermediate Units in Pennsylvania and the regional education agency provides strategic support to the students, families, teachers, administrators and community members of southwestern Pennsylvania’s Fayette, Greene and Washington counties.

IU1 Director of Center for Professional Development Jenny Lent and Media Coordinator Sarah D’Urzo met with Inventionland®founder and CEO George Davison Tuesday after touring our expansive creative workspace. During their visit, they collaborated to construct an interactive experience where both teachers and students can delve into the methods behind Inventionland’s success and, most importantly, understand why connecting experienced educators with state-of-the-art course material can create an energized classroom, increase engagement and develop a valuable skill set for a student’s college career and professional future.

Currently, IU1 utilizes Inventionland’s course material within their Colonial School, where Lent said they continue to receive positive feedback as students and teachers progress through the interactive resources.

“As IU1 teachers and students work through the course material at our Colonial School, we are seeing student engagement increase. Students are coming to school excited to be working collaboratively, communicating with their peers, and problem solving each day. Teachers are seeing a difference in their students. These teachers have now embraced strategies to incorporate project-based learning in the classroom,” said Lent.

According to Davison, it is precisely this direct feedback that continues to propel the inventive spirit that Inventionland®evokes.
“Well, we are Inventionland,” said Davison. “… the more feedback we get, the more inventive we become toward helping teachers and students experience the skills they will need to be a success.”
We’re thrilled to partner with IU1 to help provide their students and teachers with the interactive tools they need for classroom success. Soon, we’ll be sharing more teacher support materials and resources that we’re developing in our one-of-a-kind facility, where innovation abounds. Just take a look at this time-lapse video that illustrates our very own pencil caddy design being cut and assembled on-site from a single piece of cardboard:

Next week, we’ll open Inventionland’s doors to representatives from nearly 20 Pennsylvania school districts and we look forward to meeting with more Intermediate Unit reps and education officials in the future.
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