Pittsburgh is Kicking Off a Week-long Innovation Celebration – Get Involved!


In just hours, Pittsburgh, home to our creative design facility, Inventionland, is kicking off an entire week dedicated to something that we’re quite fond of… innovation!

After all, it was here, in Pittsburgh, that our founder and CEO, George Davison, developed his nine-step inventing method that we’ve turned into an interactive educational tool for teachers to guide students through turning an idea into a working product sample that can be presented to a corporation or manufacturer. The innovative real-world inventing course involves STEM-education, 3D-printing and story-telling.

So, you can imagine the pride we feel in knowing just how seriously our city takes innovation! Pittsburgh is getting ready to kick off Inclusive Innovation Week, a city-wide initiative that is comprised of 52 different events that include networking, discussions and dialogue about innovation.

Inclusive Innovation Week is all a part of Pittsburgh’s Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation, a technology plan to diversify the city’s economy and workforce by making innovation, discovery and invention accessible to all.


A great first step in empowering the leaders of tomorrow with innovation, discovery and invention? Getting them involved in our interactive, STEM-education-based inventing coursework! Find out how you and your students can learn more about 3D printing and our interactive inventing course – contact us today!

We’re proud that #WeInnovatePGH and Inclusive Innovation Week gives us a great opportunity to collaborate with other innovators around the city. Check out some Inclusive Innovation Week events that you may enjoy here.

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