Inventionland Spaces Stand Out in $51 Million Campus


Berkshire Local Schools debuted their new $51 campus on August 9th, 2022, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and over 2,000 people in attendance.

The new PreK-12 school was built on the grounds of the Kent State University – Geauga campus through a unique partnership that provided 33 acres on a 99-year lease at the cost of $1. 

The new 204,000-square-foot school takes the place of three older schools in the area and puts the new pre-kindergarten through 12th grade all under one roof. There are four distinct wings for Pre-K through kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school students. 

A unique aspect of the campus is the 13 immersive themed areas designed, produced, and constructed by the Inventionland Education team.

This includes Creativity Cabin locker cubbies for PreK and kindergarten students. 

1-2 Grade Castle

First and second-grade maker spaces include Inventalot™ Castles, complete with slides.

Chipper's™ Treehouse

When students arrive at their third and fourth-grade maker spaces, Chipper’s™ Treehouse will inspire creativity. 

Berkshire Discover™ Pirate Ship photo

Inventionland Education developed Discover™ Pirate Ships for fifth and sixth-grade maker spaces.

Berkshire Inventron™ Robot

Inventron™ Robot spaces will help foster creativity for seventh and eighth-grade students.

And high school Innovation Labs® utilize a Sci-fi/Space Fantasy theme, complete with modern wall art and Stonehenge™ Dry-erase Light Panels.

Innovation Labs® Sci-fi/Space Fantasy theme

According to Berkshire Local Schools Superintendent John Stoddard, the Inventionland Education spaces work hand-in-hand with their overall philosophy. 

“The concept behind the maker spaces and Innovation Labs® ties in perfectly with our project-based learning approach,” explains Stoddard. “We want our learners to understand how the ideas we teach work, instead of just memorizing and repeating facts. It’s a more integrated, comprehensive approach to bringing multiple disciplines into play, much like real-world works,” Stoddard concludes.

For more information on Innovation Labs®, don’t hesitate to contact Inventionland Education Executive Director Nathan Field at 1-800-371-6413 or connect via our contact form.  You can also request our Innovation Labs™ Starter Kit.