2022 Invention Contest Winners


The Inventionland®Education Inventing Class guides students through an entire course on innovation and invention. It follows the same industry-based 9-step method used at Inventionland®headquarters, which is one of the world’s largest invention factories. It culminates with a “pitch” to judges. See the winning products the students came up with.

High School 2022 Winners

First Place iconDomestic Violence Artificial Intelligence Device (DVAI)1st Place: Tristan Socie from Altoona Area High School. His project was DVAI (Domestic Violence AI). He created a device that appears to only be an air freshener but is actually a hidden AI device for victims of domestic abuse. The goal is for the device to secretly start recording when a code word is spoken. It also would alert authorities without the abuser knowing.

Heated Athletics2nd Place: Kassidy Zacur, Tanner Popella, and Harley Cochran, from Greater Latrobe School District. Their project was Heated Athletics. This group came up with heated athletic gloves that would be used ideally for soccer. Their product would keep hands warm while playing outside in cold temperatures soccer.

Quick Mints3rd Place: Ethan Sipes from Altoona Area High School. His project was Quick Mint. He created a product that would hold mints that can be attached to a key ring or backpack. He made a retractable leash that is connected to the holder. This would make getting a mint during school fast and easy.

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Middle School 2022 Winners

First Place iconHeron Hair Tie1st Place: Madison Mulato and Mia Mertz from Grove City Middle School. Their project was the Heron Hair Tie. They came up with an extra stretchy comfortable hair tie for all hair types. This hair tie is made for people with really thick hair that can usually be difficult to keep tied up comfortably. Their hair tie helps solve that problem.

H & C Lunch Boxes2nd Place: Helen Hatfield and Amelia Jackson from Grove City Middle School. Their project was H&C lunchboxes. They didn’t like that the food in their lunches didn’t always stay hot or cold. Sometimes their hot food would be too close to the cold food and foods weren’t staying the right temperatures. They created a lunch box that separates cold and hot foods successfully.

the Loft Table3rd Place: Hailee Rankin from Highlands Middle School. Her project was The Loft Table.  The table is made to hang against a wall next to a lofted bed. It can then fold down onto the bed and students can work on their laptop or complete homework in bed. The table would have a charging station for laptops and phones as well.

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Elementary School 2022 Winners

First Place iconFort Cherry Elementary School, Crystal Clean Dog Brush1st Place: Addison Eiler, Maddie Groskiewcz, Dominica Mechtel from Fort Cherry Elementary School. Their project was the Crystal Clean Dog Brush. This dog brush is made to help bathe dogs quicker and easier. The brush can be connected directly onto the hose for water flow. There’s also an area in the back of the brush for dog shampoo and/or conditioner to be put into. Water and shampoo flows out of the brush while bathing the dog.

the Everything Stick 2nd Place: Zander Dudzinkski, Cameron Eiler, Grayson Eiler, Kyler Giambanco, and Reese Vidt from Fort Cherry Elementary School. Their project was the Everything Stick. The Everything Stick is made for people who want to play more than one sport in one day. The Everything Stick can be turned into a hockey stick, baseball bat, or lacrosse stick. This way, if kids want to play lacrosse and baseball while at the park, they only have to bring their Everything Stick.

EZ Pencil Eraser3rd Place: Ashley Estes and Madison Klezia from Fort Cherry Elementary School. Their project was the EZ Pencil Eraser.  They created a pencil with an eraser that can be pushed up for more eraser usage when it starts to run low. They also plan to sell eraser sets that can be refilled into the pencils when the eraser does finally run out. This product would make the pencil and eraser last longer.


Industry-based Learning is at our Core

Inventionland®Education uses the proven 9-step method used by Inventionland, one of America’s largest invention factories.

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