A New Learning Environment is Born


We are so proud to have participated in the big unveiling of the all-new CIRC Lab — which stands for Creativity Innovation Research Center — at Haine Elementary School in Cranberry Township, PA!

It was a fun-filled day that included student-led tours, demonstrations, a meet-and-greet, and lots of other activities that highlighted the creativity and functionality of the space. Entering the lab is like walking into another world: trees line the walkways, white clouds are always overhead and a treehouse complete with slide is front and center. The students couldn’t contain their excitement upon entering!

With areas for inventing, making and storytelling, the one-of-a-kind CIRC Lab was designed by Inventionland®Institute using its Creativeland product and design solutions. It combines a dreamlike, whimsical environment with new-age technology and innovation that puts our students and teachers in the right mindset while providing the tools to make their dreams become a reality.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone at Haine Elementary and the Seneca Valley School District for their tireless effort and support while this space was designed and constructed. There were challenges along the way and hurdles that had to be overcome, but in the end, Haine Elementary now has an innovative space that inspires creativity in the students. That progression into 21st Century educational environment was the goal from the start.

The combination of our Innovation Course’s cloud-based curriculum, hands-on learning, and a unique maker space has transformed the educational process to a collaborative learning experience that benefits the students and teachers.

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