August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022

We’ve Just Completed Our Largest Installation To Date at Berkshire Local Schools in Burton, Ohio

atest immersive spaces we created
atest immersive spaces we created

These photos are from the latest Innovation Labs® and immersive maker spaces we created. There are 13 rooms in all. Ask us how we could help you reimagine your school spaces, whether it’s a remodel or a new school.

Hear from students, teachers and admin staff in our Latest Video from Grove City.

Schedule Professional Development Today

Professional Development!Inventionland® Education offers a wide range of professional learning options, from fully immersive 3-day programs, to workshops and specially-designed training.

We’ll work with you and your staff to deliver engaging and meaningful programs that will give you more confidence in the classroom.

Our New Maker Technology Module is Now Live

Make ModuleSee how easy it is to learn about maker technology in our new course module. You’ll be creatively inspired to engage even more with your students. This module has been updated and is now live in your portal. Take a look and let us know what you think and put your knowledge to work.

Take 10% off on Back to School Maker Supplies

Inventionland Education Featured in EdWeekSimply place the code B2S-10 to your purchase order and we’ll automatically take 10% off your entire order. Choose from a wide variety of offerings, including maker kits and materials, posters, merchandise and clothing. It’s everything you need all in one place.

Receive Your Complimentary Innovation Labs® Starter Kit

Your kit includes:
  • Portfolio Catalog of Lab Design Options
  • Lab Design Video Links
  • Before and After Examples
  • Immersive Learning Spaces White Paper
  • Design, Construction and Install Steps
Your starter Kit also includes a complimentary consultation with one of our project managers
Have an Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You.​

Have an Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You.

Some of our very best ideas come from educators like you. If you have something to share, or an idea on how we can make our curriculum better, please drop us a line.
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“Students are on a mission, they are explorers… they are building their confidence. To me, we want to build up kids for life, not tests.” – George M. Davison, Founder and CEO of Inventionland®


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