Interviews with our 2022 Invention Contest Winners


Watch Inventionland®Education founder George Davison interview our high school and middle school winners and hear their unique perspectives on their inventions.

In the first video, see George Davison interview first place winner Tristan Society of Altoona High School about his DVAI (Domestic Violence AI) product idea. His device appears to be an air fresher, but is a hidden AI device for victims of domestic abuse. The product prototype secretly starts recording when a code word of their choice is spoken. It also alerts authorities of the situation without the abuser knowing it.

The second video is an engaging interview with Grove City middle school students Madison Mulato and Mia Mertz. Grove City Middle School has their students take the Inventionland®Education K12 innovation course so students can begin thinking about creativity, innovation and career choices as part of their academic journey. 

The group talks about their winning invention contest called the Heron Hair Tie. They came up with an extra stretchy comfortable hair tie for all hair types, using a combination of materials and beads. This hair tie is made for people with really thick hair that can usually be difficult to keep tied up comfortably.