September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022

Tour Inventionland Virtually or In-person

Did you know that Inventionland® Education offers tours of Inventionland®, one of the world’s largest invention factories?  You can choose from in-person tours at our Pittsburgh, PA headquarters, or join us for a virtual tour. Each tour can be customized for your school or group. We offer many different activities. These activities are essential STEAM activities within the Inventionland® Education course. 

  • Pipe Cleaner Challenge
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Product Mash-Up

We hope to see you soon, either in person or virtually.

Schedule a STEM Day of Innovation

Professional Development

Inventionland® Education offers a wide variety of Professional Development options at affordable prices? One of our most popular PD offerings is our STEM Day of innovation, where teachers get hands-on experience in a variety of STEM projects. We also have shorter, fast-paced classes on topics such as 3D printers, laser cutting, CNC milling machine and more. Or, choose from prototyping with cardboard, video production, stop motion videos and more.

“This workshop was probably the best I’ve been to in years. It was hands-on, engaging, and I left with multiple resources that I can and will actually use in my classroom.” – Bethany BosticRappahannock  County Elementary School

Need Maker Supplies? Order Online Today

maker kits Inventionland® Education offers a wide variety of maker kits for just about any situation. Take a look at all our offerings in our store. You’ll be inspired, and your students will be able to complete their assignments with the help of these maker sets and tools.

Inventionland® Education Joins the STEM Education Coalition

The STEM Education Coalition

As a member of the elite Leadership Council, Inventionland® Education will be able to help guide policy on a national level. The STEM Education Coalition represents the broadest and most unified voice in advocating for policies to improve STEM education at all levels.

Inventionland® Education joins other industry leaders, including Apple, Microsoft, Exxon-Mobil, Raytheon, Lego, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments, to name a few.

We’re committed to advancing STEM education and innovation in America and worldwide.

Apply for an Innovation Grant

Grant Application

Did you know that Inventionland® Education offers an Innovation Grant for our K12 Innovation Curriculum? If you or your school are short on funds, we may be able to offset costs. Students and teachers follow the same 9-step inventing process used by Inventionland® to bring hundreds of products to market. For more information, and an application form, click the button below:

Have an Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You.​

Have an Idea? We’d Love to Hear from You.

Some of our very best ideas come from educators like you. If you have something you’d like to share, or an idea on how we can make our curriculum,m, projects or professional learning even better, please drop us a line.
Inventionland Education

“Students are on a mission, they are explorers… they are building their confidence. To me, we want to build up kids for life, not tests.” – George M. Davison, Founder and CEO of Inventionland®


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